Iyanya Opens Up About Yvonne Nelson: ‘I’m Not The Only Guy Who Broke Her Heart’

Why won’t ‘this’ Yvonne Nelson and Iyanya issue rest a bit? In an interview with MTV Base on their Real Talk show, Nigeria’s Iyanya was asked about his relationship with leggy actress, Yvonne Nelson. In his response, he said he wasn’t happy that he was deemed evil just because he broke up with Yvonne Nelson. He questioned his ‘critics’ if he was the only guy who has ever broke her heart.
“When that Yvonne Nelson thing happened, I was not happy but then I will look like superman out there,” he told the interviewer. “I was not happy because every body thought i was the evil guy because her heart was broken, I looked evil. “What happened to the other guys that broke her heart before me.?”

Watch an excerpt of the interview:

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