‘I Cannot Date A Poor Cos I Want To Enjoy The Best” – Zynell Zuh

Some women request for things they don’t even have themselves. Zynell Zuh in an interview with Showbiz revealed the type of man she’s hoping to end up with – that’s if she ever gets the man. According to her a good man with a sense of style is likely to catch her attention, particularly if he has a deep pocket to complement his elegant personality. Looks and cash and a lot of it mean a lot to the actress in relationships.

But if you are handsome and broke or plain dumb, you have no place in her life. “The first thing I look out for when a guy approaches me is his look and then (I consider) his outfit. I later enquire a few things about him through our conversation which gives me an insight into how smart and engaging he is.”

Zynnell said after a number of breaks ups she was not single but admitted that a smart, good looking guy with enough cash was likely to win her love. Unfortunately, she claimed a number of handsome guys came into her life and hoped for a successful relationship but things did not work out “because they were not smart enough”.

The actress was emphatic and unashamed as she told Showbiz she cannot date a poor man.

“Every lady loves to feel and look good all the time. A broke man will not be my kind of man because I want to enjoy the best that life has qualifications to poor for now, I might consider him.”

Nonetheless, Zynnell will not allow the most handsome and ‘loaded’ man to come in between her and her career. Asked to choose between her job and her man she said her job will definitely come first. “For now, I will choose my job because that is what made me who I am.

If my partner is not willing to accept the kind of work I do then he is not the right man for me.I believe couples should be able to sit and resolve issues and if my man is not willing to do the very thing that makes me happy, then I am afraid he is not the man for me. No man can tell me to quit acting.”