BEAUTY WITH BRAINS: Popular Efiewura Actress “Pokuaa” Opens Waakye & Kelewele Joint – EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS!

Beautiful Ghanaian actress Nana Pokuaa Kyei-Baffour popularly known as “Pokuaa” from the hit local tv series “Efiewura” has opened a waakye joint to support her livelihood.
The charisma and hard work she puts into selling her “fast food” is nothing but amazing and admirable.
This is something every Ghanaian youth should learn from. The Ghanaian economy is such that if you sit around for a job to find you, then I’m sorry to say even with all your qualifications you’ll still remain poor all your life.
This lady is one of the prettiest actresses that I know of, and upon all her beauty she was seen around town, and virtually everywhere in Accra personally handling flyers to people to check out her joint — that’s admirable. How many ladies will do that? Many ladies see themselves as too big to occupy a certain “underrated” profession or job and Pokuaa is not ready to make her beauty a limitation on her success.
According to her “If u want to be successful in life , u need to be passionate of wht u do . Love wht I do best . Poks”

So if you’re around The Loom at Kotababi off the spintex road, then you can visit POKS joint for an awesome treat of Ghanaian delicacies such as “waakye”, Jollof Rice, Mixed Salad and Kelewele.. See Photos below Exclusive to


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