Actress Jackie Appiah has been granted a restraining order against a fan who is accused of stalking the actress for over 4 years.

While the details of the restraining order are not immediately known, it prevents the fan from getting close to the actress for a period of time.

According to the fan who showed up to see the actress unannounced at her vacation spot, he has been chasing her for 4 years because he’s in love with her.

The obsessed fan

“I’m from Kumasi and I have moved to Accra because of you”. he said

He added that he’s been in love with the actress for a long time and felt shy to approach her.

However, the actress who felt creeped out by his behavior has issued a restraining order against him. She wrote “This went on for months, guys, stalking is unacceptable behavior. A restraining order has been issued against him.”

With the restraining order issued, he won’t be seeing her for a long time. Hopefully, it’ll be reassuring to Jackie Appiah that the fan is no longer allowed anywhere near her or her home.

Watch their interaction below