Jon Benjamin Teases John Dumelo With ‘V8’ Fruit Juice

Jon Benjamin Teases John Dumelo With ‘V8’ Fruit Juice

Jon and John. The look in John’s eyes cannot go unnoticed. Sorry John, 1-0 in favor of Jon.

England’s former High Commissioner to Ghana, Jon Benjamin announced on his twitter handle hours before England’s crunch game with Croatia that he was going to watch the semi-final game with a Ghanaian guest. Little did we know that the guest was going to be actor cum entrepreneur, John Dumelo.

John Dumelo certainly wasn’t expecting the sort of mischief Jon Benjamin had up his sleeves. Benjamin has proven to be a king of trolls and he treated Dumelo to a specialty.

In an obvious attempt to remind John Dumelo of his infamous ‘V8’ saga, Benjamin wittingly served him a ‘V8 Original Vegetable Fruitjuice’.

To prove that he had it planned out, Jon Benjamin tweeted “I’m not sure that @johndumelo1 likes my present to him – a carton of V8 juice!

Wait Jon Benjamin, Bridgette Otoo will come for ya.