Manchester United and Spanish International, Juan Mata’s constant support for the less privileged hasn’t gone unnoticed as the Spaniard has been awarded by the Spanish Royal Family.

Juan Mata led a drive that saw footballers donate a percentage of their earnings to support good causes around the world – an initiative dubbed Common Goal.

What’s Common Goal?
According to, it is a charitable movement run by streetfootballworld that was launched with the support of Mata. The initiative saw Mata pledge one percent of his salary towards it and he urged other footballers to do same. The money will be used for “high—impact” football charities from around the world. Players that have signed up includes Mats Hummels, Giorgio Chiellini, Dennis Aogo, Alfie Mawson, Charlie Daniels, Shinji Kagawa, etc.

The Award
It was announced today by Ben W. S Miller that Mata has been awarded by the Spanish Royal Family for demonstrating values in sport through his passionate role in helping create and grow the common goal movement via a tweet.