The first episode of the new talk show dubbed ‘The Late Afternoon Show’ with Berla Mundi aired last Monday on GHone TV.

The new talk show which delves into social issues had a gay man open up to Berla Mundi about his sexuality and his life as a gay man in a country which strongly chastise homosexuality.

Berla Mundi after the show has reacted to comments and criticisms concerning her decision to interview a gay man.

In a blog post, the TV personality and Radio host explained the reason why they decided to usher the show with an interview with a gay.

According to her, she noticed that it was a conversation that would interest the public because of the recent debates in the country.

She wrote

Whose idea was it to discuss homosexuality for the first episode? Mine!! It was at a time when the conversation had picked up among Ghanaians after the wedding between two homosexuals, Stephen Anertey Caesar, an Alumnus of Motown (91 Year Group) and Ryan Lathrum, in Sonoma Valley, America caused an uproar across the country with people expressing diverse opinions on the matter. I noticed that it was a conversation that would interest the public even more if discussed on TV and so we decided to take up that challenge of finding a gay man to tell us his story. Trust me it wasnt easy finding one who was willing to open up for the fear of being tagged or assaulted by Ghanaians. We still managed to get a group of young men eager to speak. Bingo!! Now the headache was on how to go about it without necessarily looking like we were encouraging the act as its literally a taboo to be gay in Ghana and even worse to come out seemingly supporting it but yea we had a solid team so we worked some magic.

Responding to the critics, she wrote that Ghanaians shouldn’t judge homosexuals so harshly when they sin daily. She however stated that she is aware that homosexuality just like any other sin is frowned upon by the bible and therefore doesn’t condone the act in any way.

So now to the critics…… I appreciate every single one of you that sent your congratulatory messages and the criticisms as well. However, what I don’t understand is why people thought I should not have discussed the topic as I looked like I was condoning the act. First of all I am Christian and I am fully aware of what the bible says against NOT JUST homosexuals, adulterers, thieves, liars et al. However my reason for choosing this topic was also because I felt it was important to let Ghana know that there were young people involved and maybe if we lent them an ear, we would understand better how to handle the situation rather than criticize them continually. For me I believe love is what brings about change and getting closer to them and having them trust you enough to open up is the best way to speak to them on ways by which they could have a change in mind and attitude. Roll your eyes all you want but that’s the truth! Besides why judge so harshly when you sin daily? Has anyone lynched you for lying, stealing, fornicating? So there we go, before you cast a stone, take out the dirt in your eye. In short, lets find better ways of dealing with this issue and preaching the WORD to them and allow God to do the rest.

‘The Late Afternoon Show’ with Berla Mundi premiered on Monday, 11th December. It ushers in a new era of talk show which delves into social issues, real life stories and lifestyle from the point of the young, fun and vibrant adult. With a mixed bag of everything that is discussed among the new generation, the show tends to identify with the emotions of people whiles seeking to answer often asked questions on health, wealth, fashion, cuisine, entertainment and more.

Watch the video below for the full interview