Kennedy Agyapong Narrates How He Used His Deviant Daughter’s Fees To Purchase A Bentley

Maverick politician and philanthropist, Kennedy Agyapong has revealed that he has a daughter in the United States who has become a drug and sex addict.

Kennedy Agyapong was speaking about how he trains his children. He revealed that he gives them advice but doesn’t force his opinions on them.

However, he revealed that one of his female children has gone renegade. Ken narrated that she was expelled from her school in the United States after she was caught for breaking bounds in order to go and have sex with a Nigerian.

Kennedy Agyapong didn’t hide that he was excited when this particular child began to face the harsh realities of life.

Ken further revealed that she even quit the University she was attending in the States.

And it was from the remainder of her fees that he topped up and purchased a Bentley.

Watch the video below: