Our hopes stand in front of the gullible nature of life

We ride at the backs of wishes

Our future, always ripe with rife

Leaving us with words muttered with if onlys


If only the day was bright

And hadn’t fallen rain

If quickly came the night

And living was no pain


But the day was a beautiful mess

And the winds blew harsh

But time was hardly pressed

And the clouds hid all stars


If night could say how many eyes are fixed

On her dark shadow, while creation sleeps

If heavenly dews could tell how many tears have mixed

With the crystal-like drops that nature weeps


If echo rising from your magic throne

Repeat with your soothing voice

Each timid sigh, each whispered word and tone

Which makes my listening heart rejoice


If only I could count

The number of times my heart forgot to beat

And when it does, the manner in which it pounds

Whenever our eyes meet


If only I could read and reread between the lines

And tell when and how I gradually fell for you

If only I could curse you to forever remain mine

And show you why I wonna be true


Life tears us apart with ifs and buts

Does steal away all our happiness

Wounding our dreams with bruises and cuts

Alas for such, we have no redress