The writer, Miss Felicia Dede

We’re in deep slumber

Slumber from which they’ve tried to wake us up many times a number

The number of times we’ve been led astray

Led astray from Salvation faraway

Led astray to a land where kissing is the new hi

Girls giving bjs like lollipops are scarce

Dudes licking like lapdog Kings

Banging now means I love you

Relationship’s a farce

Alcohol is a welcome present

Narcotics are well wishers

Cigar an expensive perfume to smokers??

Insults make the core of our molars

Sad smiles on the faces of our mothers

Shame has become fame

Fashion without exposures is lame

Guy fucked a guy till he came

Transgender a common game

Foolishness reigns

Where is the rod of correction?

Do we sin because of the grace from cruxification

Let’s turn on our notifications

To take note of the tragedies that afflict

‘Tragics’ don’t come like magic

They build up gradually into a panic

That which causes death

Hell cometh on earth

But dark flees light

Time to make things right

To free the children of their plight

Bleach black, white

Tune sour nice

Turn hatred, love

Cos that’s all there is to life

To walk in the way of light

Showing love to all travelers on the journey

Encouraging others to join you up hill

Lending hands should be your skill

Putting on the Armour,

Get ready for the kill

Death comes??it will

Coming for the slumber that makes Christians ill