LITERATURE: BAE (By Nana Sampson)

Yaa Kodua
Nana Yaa Kodua
U have no idea how famous I’ve become
U should come and hear how my heart throbs against my chest
My perishing ego doesn’t allow me to confess
But for you my heart thirsts
I’m lost within thoughts and emotions
Tryna figure out why I love you so
Is it your beautiful face
Or your spell of loving grace
I cant figure out what draws me near
Is it the feeling of losing you, that fear
Is it the mesmerizing unborn beauty that forged and perfected your body curves
Could it be the smile that punctures a dimple on your supple cheek
Is it that envious rounded balloon at your behind
Oh! Dear me
The thought of it alone isolates and exaggerates every infernal lust I have within
I truly love you
Whatsoever reasons for this feeling
I wouldn’t long to know
For my mortal mind cant fathom
When I look into your eyes
The alphabets are crystal clear
Love is in the air

before anything else
way before Adam met Eve
before Fiona met Prince Charming
before Romeo and Juliet met
even before the first hair appeared on my genitals
i loved you
i knew i did
i loved you with an aura of ten thousand flowers
i loved you with the light of twelve thousand stars
Nana Yaa Kodua
when i mention your name
You know i do
what i proclaim is true
real love not utmost lust
the love of thousands of angels
i bring to you
Before anything else
know that i will always be there