Group Chat Struggles

Being part of a group chat platform is a mixed feeling. Today, we are looking at group chat struggles and how we relate to them. Somehow.
1. You put off your data connection for some few minutes, then you put it back on and see over a hundred notifications.

2.When there is a intense conversation between only two people on the platform, and you go like “Ugh!, can’t they just do private messaging?”
3. That person who missed a big conversation and instead of reading the unread messages, they type something like “What dey go on?”
Lazy does it!
4. When someone posts something but no one responds.

5. When your friends are talking about a reunion dinner or party they are planning to go, and you just sit there and read their plans because you cannot attend it.
6. That person who never “talks” in a group chat.

We crown you inactive.
7. That person who always post “pasco” stuff.
8. ……and the person who has time to say “PASCO” after reading it.


Solve it, then!!
9. That person who always post funny pictures.

10. And that person who likes to change the group subject name and icon. (But he’s not even the administrator of the group)

Anas and His Accomplices