ICGC’s Offering And Tithe Collection Goes Digital – Genius Or Disingenuous?

There are so many people out there who believe that churches can do more in ensuring that their members live a more fulfilled life. However, ‘modern day Christianity’ tends to frown upon the tenets of unity and sacrifice that the earlier Christians propagated.

Evangelist Benny Hinn

Benny Hinn said “The more you know the Bible, the more you become biblically based and more balanced in your opinions and thoughts because we are influenced”.

“When I was younger, I was influenced by the preachers who taught whatever they taught. But as I’ve lived longer I’m thinking wait a minute, you know this doesn’t fit totally with the Bible and it doesn’t fit with the reality”.

“So what is prosperity? No lack. I’ve said this before. Today, the idea is abundance and palatial homes and cars and bank accounts. The focus is wrong….it’s so wrong.”

Need I say more? What benefit does a pastor gain when he swims in wealth whiles his congregation languishes in poverty? The Jesus Christ they profess was one who was compassionate to the extent that he fed his listeners after some of his sermons. Does it always have to be about giving to the church for God to bless us?

ICGC was previously in the news for the infamous money for special blessings offertory

What do the numerous churches offer to their members after collection of the said offerings and tithes? Most of the schools set up by most ‘one man’ churches are often very expensive though major funding came as a result of contributions of members via tithes and offerings.

The world is advancing at a very fast pace through technology hence paying offering and tithes through mobile money is not a bad idea. However, what happens next?

I know that Catholic Churches render accounts of monies received during tithes and offerings to their members. Does same happen in all churches?

Special offering indeed

Is ICGC implying that payment of offering is the only way of showing that one has been ‘touched’ by a sermon?

Pastor Mensah Otabil should be credited for his foresight with regard to the technological world we find ourselves in but we must all note that the day of accountability will come.

Pastor Mensah Otabil

Has the focus of the church shifted to the collection of tithes and offerings without regard for the things that can be done to salvage humanity from perishing? God is watching us all.