3 Months Later…. Shatta Wale’s “Gringo” Video Earns GHC35 On Zylofon Cash

“Gringo”, arguably the most hyped song from Shatta Wale, trended for days before and after its release.

The song which was complimented with an expensive video shot in the province of Blanco, Texas, USA, went on to top chats in Ghana and overseas.

Interestingly, “Gringo” which was premiered first on Zylofon Cash, a content monetization platform owned by Zylofon Media has amass a disappointing 1313 views after being on the platform for 3 months.

Comparably, the same video has been viewed 1.8Million times on Youtube, with a lot more interactions and engagements.

Checks by EonlineGhana.Com also revealed that the views on Zylofon Cash meant the artist earns GHC35.08 , which is not even enough to the cover the cost of the access card pegged at GHC300.

WATCH Shatta Wale – Gringo Directed by Sesan – Zylofon Cash

If Shatta Wale, an artist with all the influence and loyal following cannot break-even after having his content on the platform for 3 months, then we ask, is there hope for these up and coming acts with little or no influence?


If you aspire to be a model, musician, actress, fashion designer, comedian, poet or any act you think you’re good at, all you need to do is to record a video of yourself in any form demonstrating your act, you might be called to participate in any of our projects and if there’s the need to engage the services of individuals that impress our review team, they will be recommended for possible engagement on contractual basis.

These uploaded contents as well as existing materials in the form of music videos, comedy, movies, music, TV shows, and etc can also be uploaded and monetized. The next step is, you visit and click of “zylofon dream”. The zylofon dream categories will display various art departments; Music, Movies, acting, musician, television/radio personality, poetry, visual arts, models and comedy.

The next thing to do is to create a zylofon dream account and create a secure password. From here, you can now purchase a “scratch card” which will grant you access to upload the content. The cards are on sale at just 300 Ghana Cedis. They’re on sale at any of the zylofon media headquarters. There are also zylofon media shops in every region and city where the cards are on sale.

The scratch card grants you three (3) chances to upload any content of your choice among the categories. Contents that are uploaded will be reviewed by our review team and pushed to “zylofon cash” if it meets their expectation. Pornographic materials are prohibited. Zylofon cash will earn you a descent amount of money per usage(0.02 Ghana Cedis) on your uploaded content till time memorial.