In our previous political history in Ghana, we have heard statements like the “Battle is the Lord`s” but whether we can still speak the same language either in the literally form as a reality check in this scenario is the golden question. I have been pondering over this issue for only God knows when and the dilemma as whether to publish this or not has been running through my mind for far too long. Today, i have finally decided to confront my fears but to make it brief and straight to the point. My position as a customer of MenzGold and again an associate of the brand gives me the authority to have a say, to say the least.

Since September 2018, the back and forth over the MenzGold saga had been raging especially in media circles with some media houses and personalities already at their entrenched positions, that is allowed because they know their interest. After all said and done, the finality we are looking for is to make sure investors receive their investment therefore any other thing does not make sense to them. Their interest is not in the grammar, the financial as well as the economic jargons being bandied around. Following the saga, common knowledge tells us one person has the solution to all that is happening and without him, the whole world can stop breathing yet the situation remains the same. Managers and staff of MenzGold are never the solution because there are some secrets to the trade they are never privy of, so their invitation here and there even complicates the issues the more. (My opinion though)

If Government will be very realistic and honest to the people of Ghana, (I am using government and not specific institutions for obvious reasons) from the initial stages, they were missing in action on where the CEO of MenzGold Nana Appiah Mensah was until he gave them a call informing them what had befallen him in Dubai. That was when a charade of Interpol was being played about by some leaders of this country. Fast forward to the recent happenings and a delegation of top government officials including the National Security boss were sent to Dubai to ascertain what exactly was happening to the “most wanted man in Ghana NAM”. People of Ghana and especially customers of MenzGold, wanted to get the fine details of the situation in Dubai since some individuals at the moment still don`t believe and trust that really and truly NAM has been arrested and is in police custody. We were told a report will be given but in what form or timeline, our hopes are still high like Mountain Afadjato that one day we will get to know what transpired.

Apparently, according the deputy attorney general, they got all the very fine details they needed from NAM when they visited him and that all is clear that the young man was in Dubai chasing a legit business he had transacted worth 39 million USD. He furnished them will all the important backing documents to support his claims and they all proved to be original and factual. The deputy only said and i quote, “if he gets qualified or good lawyers, he will be set free”. Let`s continue having this discussion with our common understanding and principles of life. Government is looking for you as a “wanted man”, they know where you are, they know why you are there, they are very sure that you are not supposed to be there because you have proved that beyond all reasonable doubt. Meanwhile, they are still telling the good people of Ghana including military men that they are doing all the necessary things to get the bottom of the issue. At this stage, it`s crystal clear that some trusted people know exactly what they have to do but are just playing to the gallery.

I am sure Nana Appiah Mensah gave them the instances that led to a certain Ade duping his (NAM) partners in Dubai a whooping amount of 51 million USD. Ade will only get that sum of money wired to Ghana with the support and assistance of some state institutions in Ghana. So i ask, which institutions are needed to explain how the money got to the Ade guy? Are the institutions involved interested in unraveling the circumstances surrounding this arrest and a country man`s freedom? The Dubai partners have fingered NAM as an accomplice to the 51 million USD scam meanwhile he is innocent but our government officials are silent about it, rather they seem to be telling us that they will help the situation. So far, what has been the role of Ghana`s ambassador to Dubai in this whole MenzGold Drama? The only people to help the MenzGold saga at the moment are NAM and Ade, so why are they not activating Interpol on Ade just as they claim they did to NAM too or he is above the law? Our state institutions have all the numerous passport details of Ade so why the silence on him? Is government making any attempt to intervene in the Dubai case or the fact that MenzGold is no more ends the story for them and therefore there is no need for any sympathy for any customer?

Enough said already so let’s wrap up on this note. Its painful and sad but why wont the MenzGold customer suffer at the long run, because the necessary things are not being done by the government of the day. I told you earlier that the customer is even not interested in the long write up in this piece, all he or she wants is, where is my money and when am i getting it. Finally if you are customer, its too early to jump into jubilation that property and other belongings are being confiscated because that is just the “ant<code>s" share of the investment at MenzGold and the owners of the company are doing all they can to pay all so why settle for less. Whether it will get to your turn when we start sharing to the 1000s of customers or not needs 30 days of dry fasting at “Atwea Mountains”. A word to the wise is enough!!!


(This piece was contributed by a bonafide customer of MenzGold)