Twitter Might Remove The 140-Character Limit

One unique thing about Twitter is its 140-character limit, but there is some sort of sweet rumour. Twitter might get rid of of its 140-character limit.

This is such good news for poets.
The platform is doing something about it, creating a product that will allow users to share content longer than 140 characters.

Twitter has recently suffered a decline in growth, thus the reason for the change to increase engagement by users.
Twitter is also considering modifying how the 140-character limit is measured, for example, excluding links and user handles, Re/code said, citing people familiar with the service.
“Twitter moving beyond 140 characters in the very limited way that’s being described makes perfect sense,” Jan Dawson, chief analyst at Jackdaw Research told USA Today. “Essentially, Twitter would take some of the clutter — usernames, links, and images — that currently takes up some of those precious characters and move it outside the scope of the 140 characters.”

So, what do you think?
Is it a good idea, or should it maintain its uniqueness of writing with only 140 characters?