Ghanaian Startup Redefining The Delivery Landscape With Innovative New App.

Having faced challenges with outrageous delivery charges and non-availability of dispatch riders on the go for sending of packages, a Ghanaian startup has come up with a game-changing e-hailing app; “Suma Deliveries” to redefine delivery to a fast, affordable and seamless experience.

In recent times, there has been a rise in online retail shops and home-based businesses by the youth, which has created an acute need for packages to be moved around on the go, conveniently and affordably. Unfortunately, most people have largely been dissatisfied with the way that delivery services are being provided by the many players who have sprung up to meet the ever-growing demand for delivery services.

Speaking on their Trump Card to win the hearts of customers, CEO of Suma Systems Ltd; Mr. Alhassan Yakubu stated that

“there is an inherent inefficiency in the traditional courier business that makes services of those already in the business too expensive for the average Ghanaian consumer to patronize. This stems largely from the fact that dispatch riders have to complete a round trip from their office – to pick up – to drop off- then back to the office, for a single regular delivery, resulting in extra costs passed onto consumers in the process. This traditional model is therefore not sustainable as users of the service are unable to afford it. We at Suma Systems Ltd, however, believe that delivery can be much more affordable, easy and convenient for everyone, be it individuals or businesses.

Therefore, Suma deliveries app has been particularly crafted; with beautiful features pieced together to holistically eliminate the systemic inefficiencies, whiles giving users a whole new experience in sending and receiving packages no matter their location or budget. We are poised to lead the market in key areas that matter to consumers including;

  • Speed and ease of using deliveries
  • Affordability and transparency of standardized delivery charges
  • Convenience of doing multiple deliveries, with cost-sharing
  • Tracking of deliveries (sent/received)

Key features of the app

• Add recipients for your delivery by just entering their phone number.
• Add as many as 10 recipients in a single request.
• Arrange your recipients any how you want your deliveries to be made.
• Chat and call your recipients and riders right from the app.
• Choose whether to pay for your delivery or allow your recipients to pay.
• See what each recipient’s delivery costs.
• Get connected quickly to a nearby rider.
• Send packages to recipients in other regions at the same affordable rates.
• Get notified of incoming packages.
• Approve or decline whether a package was truly delivered to you.
• Track all your deliveries (sent and received) from one page.

Suma Deliveries is available for Android and iOS via Users can also connect online @SumaDeliveries or visit for more information.

Story written by Raymond Taaku