Mark Yaw Addo Pens Down A Revealing Open Letter To All Graduates


Good day my brethren and sistheren. I bring you the warmest of greetings from the Savanah where there are no monkeys probably because we do not grow Banana….

It is my greatest joy writing this piece from my cozy 2015 Bed which was proudly Made in Ghana.

Congratulations ???? to us for our successful graduation(although we couldn’t wear our graduation Gowns). But there’s more…You are humbly welcome to the REAL WORLD, where skills beat knowledge ( you can argue with your phone if you disagree).

Now that we have graduated and are in a crucial moment of our lives, the real world stares cunningly at us, observing what moves we make next. We are done with our First degree and probably know the class we are going home with. Well, I am not bleeding out these words to talk about Grades or Classes, because I know that with most of us, “The Center Cannot Hold” and “The Battle Is The Lord’s”.

Well, we have fought a good fight and despite losing some wars, we have emerged victorious in the fight which mattered most; the battle. Most of us are probably experiencing chronic forms of headaches as a result of the constant thoughts our minds generates as to how to escape getting infected with the Unemployment Pandemic and start taking care of family and others.

My Brethren, The labor force in this 21st era is no respecter of “KNOWLEDGE ” but “SKILLS”. That is; what you can do with what you know. If it is “KNOWLEDGE” companies, organizations, and institutions need, then Google would have been their best option.

Let us not try to play smart by putting a blind eye to the unemployment crisis facing this country and the world at large. This is a hostile moment which will not be solved by thinking and relying solely on the Government for jobs which in the realest of sense, isn’t readily available.

Luckily, we are starting our mandatory one year service to the nation. And as you embark on the service, do your best to get a SKILL(s) if you do not have one yet. Get something to augment the knowledge you have acquired from the classroom.
The World today doesn’t ask you WHAT YOU KNOW, but WHAT YOU CAN DO with what you know.

I am just as “vulnerable” as most of you are with regard to the job market. Let us be smart as 21st century Graduates and rise to the occasion in order ro change the status quo. We must not join the bandwagon of graduates who always look up to the government for “ghost” jobs.

As we go for the mandatory one year National Service, it is my hope that we will all serve the nation and the world with sincerity, do our honest best with patriotic hearts to develop our beloved Country-Ghana, and make our impact felt globally. God is with us and i strongly believe that He will see us all through successfully.

Well, let me stop bleeding out words before I fall unconscious, as I have a herculean meeting with a “Gargantuan” bowl filled with sumptuous hot Dawadawa Jollof.

Well, feel free to get in touch(+233540459669) let’s share ideas as to how together, We Can Make Transform Lives And Make The World A Better Place For All.