Yesterday marked two years since the demise of Ebony Reigns. And we can recollect several memories when her funearal was held….including the loud wailings of Shatta Wale when he chastised the hypocrites who attended her funeral.

Well, you can’t begrudge the large attendance……some were actually there to feast since funerals have now become a party-esque gathereing.

Two years on…… What’s happened? The large crowd that was present have disappeared whiles the blatant love for Ebony has vaporized.

It is what it is! An irony of love. We’ll love your corpse, not you! And after you are lowered into your grave, we’ll go on with our lives, as if nothing has happened.

Below are the thoughts of Ibrahim Irbard:

I don’t even know why I have written this but I hope I have written something worthwhile.