Ghanaian Ladies & Dating — If You Don’t Have Money, Forget And Stay Single.

Dating can be defined as having a steady relationship with someone and therefore it involves support from both partners. Many people enter into relationships for different reasons but I’m here to talk about why most of our Ghanaian ladies date nowadays.

In Ghana, when a lady needs a brand new iPhone, she enters into dating. When she sees a guy who owns a brand new Mercedes which can carry her around town, she enters into dating. It seems our Ghanaian ladies are all concerned about the material things they will get from dating a guy rather than love itself. No “serious” lady wants a broke guy, so in Ghana if you are still single then it’s either you’re broke or heart broken. One lady I dated a while back told me that the reason why she broke up with me was because I couldn’t fulfill her material needs and she advised me to date a much younger lady with fewer needs.
Of course, I understand that a guy should act tough and caring in all situations by showing some paper notes — but should that be a responsibly in a casual relationship. Guys in relationships are over burden with all sorts of demands and expectations. Ladies now act as if the guys they are dating are their new ATM machines — so their worries are now over. Imagine a lady who used to visit the beauty saloon twice a month will now want to change her hair and nails twice a week just because she has a new boyfriend to pay the bills.
Nowadays,the rules are simple — no money no sex. If you don’t pay, you will not “chop” and honestly isn’t that a definition for a prostitute, *coughs* excuse my french. Gone are the days when we used to say that “fresh guys don’t pay”, these days even the so-called fresh guys actually pay more than they bargain for.
One out of every ten ladies will choose money over love — and their reason is that spending on them shows that you really love them. Really, isn’t love suppose to be reciprocal and so why don’t ladies also show their love by spoiling their guys with gifts. Should they always be at the receiving side of things?
I sometimes miss the days of the “sweet words era” when a guy could easily “toast” a girl and win her heart without buying her expensive gifts. So my advice to the single guys out there — who are unfortunately broke too — is that stay single because those in the disguised “happy” relationships are suffering more than you can imagine.
I’m in no way chastising every Ghanaian lady as engaging in this habit since there a few good ones out there who will love you for who you are and not what you are — but they are really hard to find.
Be single and proud like me, and if a girl decides to love you for who you’re and can also see pass what your revenue actually is then kindly introduce her to your family because she is the “it girl”.
Until then single is better!