Top 10 Things Every Woman Has Done On A Date

Going on a date can be fun and there is a saying that “you never get a second chance to make a good first impression.” With that in mind, it is vital to be fully prepared to make a great impression on each date you go on. Here are the top 10 things every woman has done on a date before

Agonize over the Menu

This is one of the favorite thing ladies do on a date. They spend half of their time analyzing the menu, dishing out complaints like “why is this so expensive? If I order this he will think am a glutton” Then they end up killing the fun of the date.

Try to be stylish

When on a date, most ladies want to look very different than they do on other regular days. Some ladies even go as far as shopping new items for a date, some others go for makeovers just to look exceptional. There is this desire to do a little bit extra for date.

Worry about what to say

Breaking the silence that occurs in the first few minutes can be such a difficult task. In some cases, the guy can be a little shy leaving the task for the woman. Even beyond those minutes, every lady still worry over what to say because they don’t want to give the impression of a talkative or even say the wrong things.


Planned or unplanned, most ladies cannot go pass staring. In an attempt to be polite and maintain eye contact, most ladies end up staring with that very priceless expression on their faces.

Look For the Spark

Talk about feeling butterflies in your stomach and you won’t be wrong. Most ladies always wants to feel this way so during a date, they look out for that moments or try to create extra romantic moments just to be sure things are still going good.

Update their Friends about the Date

Using your phone at the middle of the dinner date might be rude but most ladies care less just because they want to update their friends on how the date is going. Some steal a minute to do that in the bathroom while others cannot hod up the excitement so they do it right there while sitting at the table.

Try to sound Smarter

In an attempt to leave a good impression, you find yourself trying to talk out of your comfort zone just to sound smarter. This is one of the most common things ladies do during a date, especially when the guy you are on a date with has a degree, Msc. or even doctorates.


Smiling is always the nearest exit. Smiling doesn’t mean we are having a good time, sometimes we smile because we think the person we are with is totally insane.

Wear Something Uncomfortable

Ladies usually get indecisive when it comes to dates especially if its a first date. Some go as far as wearing high heels that they usually do not wear, ill-fitting dresses and unfit bra. Then they end up struggling to be comfortable throughout the date.

Arrive Late

Most times this doesn’t happen because we are trying to be fashionable or because we cannot figure out what to wear, most women arrive late deliberately because they don’t want to seem desperate. They want to act like their time is more valuable hence the need to arrive a little late.