Ofori Amponsah — Being A Pastor Never Stopped Me From Doing High-life Music

High-life musician now Pastor, Ofori Amponsah says he will be going back to his first love very soon.
According to the manager of the artist, Frank Agyekum, who confirmed in an exclusive interview revealed that Ofori Amponsah never said he was quitting hi-life music, he only needed restoration from his old ways that’s why he became a Pastor.
He explained that Ofori became a Pastor so that he could now do songs that will rather mend the broken-hearted and give hope to people — songs which will be different from what he used to do earlier.
” Ofori Amponsah has already made some high-life music and he is about to release them together with the ones he is making now. Notwithstanding, he will continue to preach in church” he added
Explaining further he said,
“Ofori Amponsah’s early beginnings was in a church, he started as a chorister even before he was discovered by Daddy Lumba for their first song. Back then the favor of God was upon him and he sang in church. We should however note that there is a big distinction between doing the work of God and finding a work for living. There are a lot of Pastors in the world who own their private businesses. If a Pastor builds a hotel that doesn’t mean he condones unchastity — whoever spends a night in that hotel and what he/she does there will tell how God will judge them. Ofori Amponsah will have the church for his usual services and also double as a hi-life artist”

Explaining why Ofori Amponsah did not push further with his gospel music career but rather turned to high-life music, he said
“It’s a job and it’s the music system — the high-life music Ofori is about to do is no different from the gospel music he did sometime ago. Gospel music may be distinguished from high-life music maybe due to their titles — but what’s most important about these two genres is the words or message they send out. Doing high-life music to save souls from condemnation is the same as Gospel music. Even looking back at Ofori Amponsah’s old tunes, you’ll realise they all spoke about love — the bible also speaks about love. What people don’t understand is that Ofori Amponsah was blessed by God to do music, and since he did not do it in God’s ways it nearly led him to fall. Now, he is saved and will do hilife music with God’s directions. See it as maybe sometime ago he did music under the influence of drugs, today he will do it with prayers. That is the difference between Ofori before and Ofori now”

When asked whether Ofori Amponsah will continue to promote his old songs like “otoolege” “Emmanuella” and others the manager explained that he will. He confirmed that Ofori Amponsah was still making new copies of his old songs available on the market even when he turned a Pastor.

“Yes Ofori Amponsah was making copies of his old songs when he was on the pulpit preaching to his congregation. However it’s on record that Ofori Amponsah never instructed anyone to stop listening to his old songs. The only statement he made regarding his old songs was urging people to give the same attention to his new songs like they do for the old songs. He never condemned his old songs, Ofori Amponsah preaches above love whether he does Gospel or hilife music” he explained

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