7 mistakes potential property buyers make

Buying property is a rewarding albeit stressful endeavor, but if you are not careful, you might make some mistakes. In the real estate market, there are a lot of mistakes you can make as a buyer, and you can avoid them using the tips below.

Letting your emotions affect the deal

It is okay to fall in love with a property, but letting in get in the way of your purchase deal is going to hurt that deal. When you bring your emotions to bear and start thinking in non-financial terms, you might end up getting a bad deal or losing the deal. Sellers will most increase property, because they know you will go the extra mile and probably make some concessions just to get that property.

When investing in real estate, always make sure that it is done devoid of emotional attachments, so that you can make better and more profitable investment decisions.

Buying property with low value appreciation prospects

When buying property, always assess its value appreciation prospects. How much will the property be worth in 2, 3, 4 or 5 years’ time.? You should buy a property with value that is expected to gain significant appreciation in future and this can be achieved with proper research on the property.

Underestimating the impact of the location

Walk around the neighborhood and get a feel for the surrounding area to better understand what life would be like living there. Check if the local assembly has any work or planning applications pending that could inconvenience local residents. Also investigate how far the property is from a school, hospital, shops, public transport and your workplace. Visit the neighbors to make sure you won’t have any problems living next door to them.

Going in without an agent

With so much information about real estate property available on the Internet, you may be tempted to assume that you can buy a home without an agent. Choosing to buy a home without a real estate agent can prove to be counter productive. The real estate agent can help you find the property that you want and negotiate with the seller on your behalf. A good agent has an extensive knowledge of the market and can tell you if the deal is good for you or not. This can help you avoid making a bad deal and saving you a lot of money in the process. It is also necessary to note that experienced agents have a strong network in the local market and this can give you an added advantage.

Failing to budget for the other costs associated with buying a property

Unfortunately, as well as paying for the property itself, there are a whole bundle of other costs you will need to budget for. These include lawyer’s fees, mortgage application fees, search fees, stamp duty, valuation fees and so on.

Failing to save enough for a deposit

The more you save up for a deposit, the better deal you will get on your mortgage. The best rates on offer are available to buyers who provide around 25% of the purchase price.

Paying too much for a property

Never buy a property before determining its value. Before you make a real estate buy, make sure you know the value of the property by employing the services of a real estate professional. You can also find how much properties of comparable features have sold for in that area recently. Some houses are overpriced and you run the risk of paying more than a property’s worth if you don’t carry out proper investigations.