7 simple things we want in women

I like to think life is not complicated; PEOPLE are. That is why relationships can easily become strained when trivial issues arise; take for instance, leaving the toilet seat up (Ladies, which would you prefer – he raises up the seat to pee and forgets to put it down afterwards OR he leaves the seat down and gives it a yellow poker-dot makeover? I thought so. Do not get me wrong – I know we men can be difficult but there are 7 simple things we expect from an ideal woman and could eventually even get us popping the question:


To Listen: Women love the sound of their voices so it is quite easy to understand why men would rather let them win an argument. But what some women do not realize is that they just might be wrong sometimes. Perhaps if they listened to a few facts from the man instead of jumping to conclusions, or in other situations, taking some advice from him based on his personal experiences then he would appreciate you a whole lot more.


To be Considerate: This could be on so many levels. Women should not expect a man to still take her to fancy restaurant if he just lost his job, or expect him not to cancel a pre planned engagement because he suddenly has to take his mum to the hospital. Life is not always about me, me, me; once he sees you understand that then he would not just walk a mile for you – he would swim the Seven Seas!


Be ‘Openly honest’ – It is one thing to be open (e.g. telling him stuff he never asked you about) and another thing being honest (e.g. telling him stuff only when he decides to ask you). Why not be a combination of both and be openly honest? It is a good way to be build trust, especially if the man is the slightly jealous type in the first place. But you do not have to bear ALL your skeletons – you just might scare him away for good.

Hands on

Be Hands-on – A woman who can do some things herself without the presence of her man is a bit of a turn-on. This is borderline ‘Independent woman’ but not in the context of spending money on oneself. Little things like mowing the lawn when he is not home or arranging for a handyman to come round to your place to fix an appliance. By the time you both have kids you would be a pro worthy of his admiration.


Be Submissive: not like sheep and do not jump to thinking I am referring to indoor late-night activities. I am referring to more of a combination of being dutiful, obedient and humble. Of course in a loving relationship it is sort of two-way and not really the Master-Slave relationship which I feel some of you readers may be imagining. As you can see, men do not like it either.


Be Affectionate: Saying it with words is always good but I, like a lot of men, like when women say it with their actions. It is the subtle things like stroking the back of his head, holding his hand in public, cuddling on the sofa or at the movies , feet to feet rubs, massages, pecks, kisses, etc. The only man-seeking woman whom I feel is justified (in the early stages of being in a relationship) is one who is in a long-distance relationship – not my cup of hot cocoa at all.


Be Respectful: By far the most important to me and that is because we men have a big E inside of us that demands that we be shown some R-E-S-P-E-C-T be it from a man or woman. Show a ‘brutha’ a little respect and you will get his. Show him a lot and if everything else falls into place I think he might just be introducing you to mama and papa.

Men do not get off easy though. Everything I have mentioned goes two-ways so no woman should expect to exhibit all these qualities while the man puts his feet up watching the Premiership League. It takes two to tango, remember?

*The Premier League season starts next weekend btw*