Mentioning your name alone makes me feel special
It makes me feel like i am the only soul stuck in this world with you
I remember now the first day i saw you
I remember now,that was the very moment my heart and mind for once started to behave like a child
I knew from then, that i knew you;
I knew, that you would be someone dear to me
It would be utterly premature to say i love u, but yh…
That is how love is supposed to be
It would be utterly premature and selfish, to want you for myself
buh yh…
That is how love is supposed to be
When i look at you smile,i smile back
Not just because your smile is infectious
But also how lucky i am to be your friend

S3 aka me last kraa
I’ll still take you far
Further to places unreached by your imagination
You are beautiful
You are funny
You are crazy
These are not only the things i wonna know about you
I wonna know the things you do on friday nights
I wonna watch you dance to your favourite song
I wonna be the only person you talk to when you wonna open up
I wonna be the one you would say to
” yo handsome, i want you to dance with me n grind my bumbum”
I could go on and on
And tell you how many times ive imagined my future with u
I wonna talk to you about the present
About how high these hurdles are
Which seems vaguely impossible to jump over
But we can…
We met for a reason
I got to knw you for a purpose
Whether by design
Or disired accident
we have met
Let’s make it worthwhile

I wont talk much;
With a thousand and one supplications
I hope this letter finds you
I hope that it finds you in ur good mood
I selfishly hope that it finds you in your most vulnerable self
I hope you could read the thousand and two emotions behind this letter i write to you
Being there for you is the only right left
I love u, is the only thing left to write
And i forever wish you were mine

By Nana Sampson