Lyrical Joe LJ to Unveil his Debut Album, KILL (King In LimeLight) on April 28

Accra is waiting with breath and buzzing with excitement as 28th of April promises to be a day certainly to remember as all indications point to the Ahara Studio inside Spintex where prolific “rap beast” Lyrical Joe, the front liner of Ghalatrava Records sets to officially launch his maiden full album christened, KILL.

The album constitutes two parts, A & B and quite a good number of songs on the Part A have been pre-released with the intention of wetting the appetite of every fan in anticipation for the biggest euphoria yet to hit the music industry. Songs like Murder, Ghana boy, 5th August, nobody Dey, and Guy Guy are already enjoying massive airplay on the radio and as a matter of fact are already on the lips of ardent fans who believe in LJ’s philosophy of lyrical revolution.

If there is anybody who still doubts that good hip-hop music is still alive in Ghana, who still thinks that lyrical dexterity is a thing of the past, then 28th of August at Ahara Studio is the place to be for the answers you seek. A host of rap heavyweights including … have been billed to grace the occasion as a gesture of their unflinching support for the New kid on a block who has brought a new flavour to rap music in Ghana.

Showbiz media giants like 4Syte TV, WatsUp TV, Ghana Web, Ghana Crusader, Pulse TV and a host of other industry players have been lined up to champion the cause of the activity and showcase LJ to the world as the most formidable hip hop King In Limelight.

Everyone who has a passion for hip hop music is hereby urged to join us at Ahara Studio on the 28th of April to bite a piece of what will go down in history as the outdooring of LJ’s maiden album – KILL (King In LimeLight)

For free tickets please contact the following numbers: 0545789937 or 0575999213

A 2018 Submission, According to Felix G – Yhakubu.