Ministry Of Health Response To Allegations Of Overpriced COVID-19 vaccines

The Ministry of Health, Ghana, has offered a brief response to the media publications on the purchase of Sputnik V vaccines.

According to the release, The Ministry engaged with individual Ghanaians and companies for the supply of various types of COVID-19 vaccines but none of the companies contacted could meet the demands.

News went rife earlier that Ghana failed to deal with the Russian government to get Sputnik V vaccines which cost $10 at factory price. But rather, the ruler of UAE offered to get the vaccines for $25 which Ghana negotiated to buy at $19 which includes transportation, shipment, insurance, special storage charges.

However, the Ministry in a statement has said that the $10 for the vaccine is an ex-factory price and you only get it at that price when the purchase is from government to government.

They added that the Government of Ghana was however unable to obtain direct supplies from the Russian Government, hence the resort to the market.

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