Telecommunication giants, MTN has successfully launched their very transformational social intervention project which is dubbed the MTN Heroes of Change.

Modupe Kadiri, the Chief Financial Officer of MTN treated the dignataries and invited guests to a very short welcome addres.

In the address, he expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the various stakeholders who have contributed to making the heroes of change what it is today.

He also reiterated the commitment of MTN to the socio-economic development of Ghanaians across the country.

The C. E. O of MTN Ghana, Selorm Adadevoh delivered a speech during the launch and it is presented below:

Mr. Selorm Adadevoh


I would like to thank you all for the time. As you are all aware, we are here today, to launch one of the most transformational projects the MTN Ghana Foundation has embarked upon. Indeed, a recent reputation scan we did revealed that people relate to Heroes of Change very well. Some have described it as one of the best social interventions made by MTN and when customers were asked to mention some of the most important interventions the MTN Foundation had undertaken, it came up as the 2nd most mentioned.
Everyone who has been following the MTN Heroes of Change stories would have observed that the program evokes emotion in so many ways. Though inspiring, the interventions of the unsung heroes easily get missing in the pot because they are interwoven in our social lives and many people tend to disregard them. We think they are worth celebrating – hence our continuous investments in the program.

Back in the days, we thought our heroes were animated characters in movies and we adored them. Indeed Heroes undertake activities that are out of the ordinary. The MTN Heroes of Change over the years, has consistently shown that the Ghanaian has the potential to transform his community if he sets his mind to it. I recently came across someone’s interpretation (Christopher Reeve) of who a Hero is. ‘A hero is someone who, in spite of weakness, doubt or not always knowing he answers, goes ahead and overcomes anyway. I think it is very defining.

We remember Dr. Kwame Abrokwa Yankyera, the first to be named MTN Hero of Change and three others who have won the ultimate awards– Madam Paulina, Genevieve, and the latest being Naomi and several other category winners who are saving lives and transforming their communities.

To us as a business, nothing is more inspiring than to see our vision of being an enabler of societal change being replicated in our communities through the works of these heroes. The fact is that in as much as we love to work in our communities, we cannot do everything. Akans have a saying – ‘Boafo yer na’ meaning – finding a helper is difficult.

This is why we love to recognize those who with little resources do whatever it takes to touch and bring change in their own ways. All we are seeking to do is to identify these heroes, share their stories and celebrate them. Whilst we do that, we also encourage more people to take up similar causes in their communities.

Our mission is to brighten lives; exactly what we are trying to achieve with Heroes of Change. It is to Brighten the lives of those who are also touching others.
Today, as we launch the MTN Heroes of Change Season V, we set ourselves out there to look for other yet- to- be- discovered-heroes. As we do this, I would like to ask two key questions.
One, what are YOU also doing to transform your communities in your own small way, and secondly what kind of innovation is driving this?
There is so much we can all do to make a difference. As an African country that is continuously working hard to meet the needs of citizens, we all have to do whatever it takes to address them and as we do that, we also find fulfillment.

As a business, innovation remains our heartbeat. Over the decades, we have lived our mantra Everywhere You Go by extending our telecommunication services across the country by giving every Ghanaian the opportunity to benefit from a connected modern life.
Without doubt, everyone here knows that innovation holds the key to leapfrogging our little effort into enormous outcomes not just through technology but also through new ways of working. As we launch Season V of Heroes of Change let us challenge ourselves and find out how we can use Technology in these live-saving transformational initiatives. It can only get better.

Before I take my seat let me remind you about a few important things. MTN Heroes of Change is about honoring individuals who make extraordinary contributions to their communities in a SUSTAINED MANNER. In identifying the Heroes, we would like to acknowledge the contribution of the Nominees, who go out of their way to identify and nominate their heroes. Without them there will be no Heroes of Change and we appreciate their efforts.
As we launch Season Five of Heroes of Change, we look forward to receiving many quality nominations. The prizes are the same as last years’ – the ultimate winner is a 100,000 cedis and category winners will receive 30,000 cedis. These funds are expected to be used to undertake more projects and to enable the Heroes reach more people. Special category winners will receive a 10,000 cedis each.

With that Ladies and Gentlemen, I have the pleasure to declare the Season Five of MTN Heroes of Change duly launched.