“My Hand Accidentally Touched Dancer’s Private Parts, It Was Not Intentional”

After pictures emerged of Nii Funny touching the private part of a dancer during a performance at the Live Aqua Rave pool party at Beduoin Lounge, the artiste in an interview with Livefmghana has cleared the air saying the act was not intentional and it was not a stunt to make a name adding that his brand is a responsible one.
“I was performing and when I am performing, I cannot stand still, I am an entertainer so I think while moving my hand backwards, my hand accidentally touched it. I didn’t even know I had done anything like that until pictures came out. I respect my brand very much and we can definitely not plan an act like this, it is not a part of what we stand for. I always come on stage with my three male dancers. Plus I am a Christian and do not believe in such deviant behaviors.”

Asked how he intends to clear up his name and get back into the good books of his fans who may be disappointed in his act, he said:

“My team and I will have to sit down and plan how we will handle this. But hopefully we might have to apologize and clear our name.”