Nigerians Voted Me Out Because Of My Fake Accent – Gifty Powers

BBNaija evicted contestant, Gufty Powers, in a new interview with Vanguard revealed that she really did mess up while in the Big Brother house.

Read her interview below:

How was your short stay in the Big Brother Naija house!

It was quite interesting and at the same time, surprising. It was also amazing and funny.
Did you say surprising? In what way?
Seriously, I was expecting some crazy stuff in the house. When it comes to Nigerians, they try to comport themselves. That’s why I said, it was quite surprising. I wasn’t actually expecting such thing.
Were you surprised too that you didn’t go far in the competition?
I wasn’t surprised because I knew that so many surprising things are going to come up in the house. So, I wasn’t surprised that I didn’t go far in the competition.
And you were not surprised either when you were evicted from the competition?
When it happened, the first word I uttered was ‘wow’. I started noticing some actions around me and I said to myself, it’s just a game.
But you were tempted to blame your eviction on your controversial statement that you don’t know Bank W and Falz ?
I think Nigerians voted me out because of my fake accent as well as the Banky W and Falz controversy. That’s the reasons I was kicked out of the competition.
You talk of fake accent, how?
My strategy while in the BBNaija house was to be controversial and hilarious. So, I tried to fake both English, Iranian and Ghanaian accents just to make the house lively. I was being funny. But it didn’t pay off ? I think I over-played my game in the house. It wasn’t what I expected. But we are humans, and we are bound to make mistakes.
So, you are owing up to your mistakes?
Yes, I accept the responsibility for my mistakes. I know that I messed up big time. I’m not perfect and I can’t say that I did perfectly well in the house. Although I tried my best, I think I over-played the game.
What’s the next thing for you after BBN?
Achieving great things in life, setting up a foundation to impact on the lives of the less privileged people. BBN is a very big platform that everybody wishes to have. I’m hoping to set up my own clothing and shoe line. I also want to start my TV talk show.
How would you describe your first two weeks in the BBN house?
It was quite exciting, I had fun. It got to a point that I forgot there was anything like the outside world. I got used to everybody in the house, the cameras, the plasma TV set, to the extent that I had to get naked because I thought I was in my mother’s house. I never for once thought I was in the Big Brother house. I had this mindset that yes, it’s my house; I can do whatever I want to do.
Was falling in love with a housemate part of the game?
To be honest, I don’t think I fell in love with anybody. I was playing my game because everyone in that house actually had their own strategies. And mine was to be controversial and hilarious; To make the guys fall in love with me, to be jovial, playful and smart. I didn’t fall in love at all.
But you were close to a guy in the house?
I would use the word ‘attracted to a guy.’ I was attracted to John, the fake housemate. Viewers had this mindset that I was attracted to Soma, but it wasn’t true. I was playing my game, but one guy I was attracted to, while I was in the house was John.
Why were you attracted to him?
I never knew he was a fake housemate. He has this appearance of calm and reserved young man. He was so quiet, intellectual, smart and cool. I was moving close to him because he had this crazy ways that I was trying to add to my own plan.
While you were in the BBN house, a guy uploaded your wedding pictures on the Internet?
Actually, I wouldn’t want to talk about that now. But very soon, I’m going to tell my story. The world will hear what is behind the story. There is time for everything. Human beings are bound to make mistakes. We are not perfect and who are you to judge. I promise you, very soon, Nigerians will know the truth behind the story.
Were you into acting before you entered the Big Brother Naija house?
Yes, I was into acting before I entered the Big Brother Naija house, and I’m still in Nollywood. My dream is to star in Hollywood. I featured in such movies as “Virgin Princess”, produced by PJ Movies, “ Egg of Vulture” produced by Ikechukwu Elijah, “Girls of Honour” , produced by Uche Nancy among others.
What actually inspired your decision to go into the Big Brother Naija house?
I have always dreamed of going into the Big Brother house before now. So, when I heard about the audition, I said to myself this is a great opportunity to hit the limelight. I went for the audition and that was it.
When you were called out of the house, what was passing through you mind?
The first thought that came into my mind was that I was going to miss everybody. And the second thought was that it’s just a game. I knew right from the outset that BBN was just a game. There is nothing emotional about it even if you are evicted from the house, life goes on. I felt somewhat down for few seconds, and thereafter, I picked up courage.
Who are you tipping to win the star prize of N25 million?
Debbie-Rise, I love her. She’s cool, smart and intelligent. She’s worth more than N25 million prize. Although I see everybody as winners, but Debbie’s rise is exceptional.
Who is Gifty Powers!
I am a mixed race. My dad is half English and half Arabian, while my mum is half-Liberian and half-Nigerian. I lived all my life in Ghana and I had my education there. Ghana is like my third home apart from my dad’s home country. Currently, I’m based in Lagos. | Credit: | Nigerians Voted Me Out Because Of My Fake Accent – Gifty Powers