It’s Not Easy Being A Chief’s Wife, There’re A Lot Of Things I Can’t Do’ – Gifty Anti

Renowned Gender Advocate, Gifty Anti, says royalty in Ghana is a bit confusing. According to the ace broadcaster, who also goes by the name Oheneyere Awo Dansoa (wife of the Chief of Adumasa) since she entered into the chieftaincy arena, it has been difficult for her to find her feet. She said it has been a daunting task trying to adapt to royalty. “I love to be Gifty Anti. I love to be the humble, simple person that everybody knows. So now there are a lot of things that you cannot do.”
We go to our hometown, Adumasa and I just want to go somewhere, she said adding “I’m told you are Oheneyere, you not supposed to walk alone, there must be somebody to escort you. I am not used to that. I’m used to getting up and going my own way.”

Gifty Anti got married to Nana Ansah Kwao, who is the Chief of Edumasa in October 2015. Speaking on the Joy FM’s Christian talk show, A Walk with Jesus, Oheneyere Awo Dansoa said “People see you and they address you differently, the way they treat you is different. My own uncle who’s my father now calls me Awo, he doesn’t call me Gifty or Nana anymore”.

Responding to a question about the women who have impacted her life, Oheneyere said there are some women who have pushed and encouraged her in life, however; there are others who have caused her great pain.

“I choose to focus on the positives. I decide that those who caused me the pain, did not know any better because a bitter person cannot give you any support, encouragement and hope in life,” she explained,

On the issue of abuse of women in the country, she said “There are too many women walking around who are bitter, angry, desperate, stressed and confused. So, instead of thinking, they are wicked, we need to pray for them and understand them”.

“Sometimes it hurts. There are times I’ll go into my room and cry for days and stay in my room but like David, I always encouraged myself”, she added.

She expressed her confidence in God saying “I have a crazy faith” in God.

When asked if she has any political ambition, she was emphatical that “I don’t have any political ambition now. I have a bigger constituency when it comes to women and children. In fact, going into politics will limit me”.