Not Forgotten; Sister Debby Sends Medikal A Wish On His Birthday

The love code is quite difficult to crack but the moment it’s cracked and transforms into hate/dislike, what normally happens is a formatting of the memory as though there was never a connection.

It’s a thing……some relationship coaches/counsellors advise against keeping in touch with ex’s when one has moved on whiles others advise that you can keep in touch but with the appropriate boundaries set in order not to jeopardize the new relationship found.

And as today marks Medikal’s birthday, the social media spotlight seemed to have fallen on her ex, Sister Debby. Social media users were interested in making an issue out of her reaction to her ex’s birthday.

If she ignored, they’d talk….if she sent him a wish, they’d talk so well, Sister Debby chose the latter and sent him a simple but classy message which reads: