Our Story Isn’t Fake, Jean Mensa Tricked Us Into Leaving The Strong Room – Kpessah-Whyte

The second witness for John Mahama in the Election Petition, Dr. Michael Kpessah-Whyte has insisted that the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission, Jean Adukwei Mensa deceived him and Rojo Mettle Nunoo to leave the Commission’s strong room before the declaration of the presidential election results on December 9, 2021.

According to him, the EC instructed them to leave the strong room to go and confer with John Mahama on some election-related issues and return to the strong room before the declaration of the presidential results.

Dr. Kpessah-Whyte, while being cross-examined by the Electoral Commission’s lawyer, Justin Amenuvor, said it cannot be said that his narrative of the happenings on the night of the declaration of the results was a concoction.

“I have no reason for lying. When we were leaving the room, I informed in the open room to the hearing of everybody that we were instructed by the Chairperson of the EC to go and consult with our flagbearer who is the petitioner on the basis of our observations and therefore, she was going to make sure that she send a rider to bring us back to the strong room because of the potential of traffic then therefore when we finish the process then the results will be announced,” he Kpessah Whyte.

Justin Amenuvor in his cross-examination sought to prove that Mr. Kpessah-Whyte and Rojo Mettle Nunoo were never instructed by Jean Mensa to leave the EC strong room but rather left on their own volition.

From the witness, he confirmed that Mr. Kpessah-Whyte did not personally hear from the EC Chairperson but got the information from Rojo Mettle Nunoo who rather spoke with the Chairperson of the EC.

Source: Facebook/PeaceFmOnline