Overused Ladies With Flat and Sagging Breasts Don’t Deserve Bride Price, GHS200 Is Enough – Prophet Kofi Oduro

Founder of the Alabaster International Ministry, Prophet Kofi Oduro has said that young ladies who have been overused to the extent that their breasts are sagging do not deserve any expensive dowry.

“If you are a virgin and no man has touched you before, I wouldn’t mind if even your family puts laptop, generators and a plot of land as part of the dowry. But if you are just 21 years old and have been so used by other men that your breasts are flat and sagging, you don’t merit it; GHS200 is sufficient to be shared among your father, mother and the family elder,” Prophet Kofi Oduro said during a sermon, attracting loud laughter from his congregants.

“At the age of 21 years and your breast has fallen flat on the floor and you think you deserve to be married with something expensive?”, he quizzed in the video.