EmpressLeak: Notorious Website In Ghana Was Owned By The Biggest Idiot In Africa

Owner of Empressleak, the biggest leaks website in Ghana with millions of visitors, has finally been arrested according to a report. And it turns out that the owner of the website is the biggest idiot in Africa and I am not even kidding. He’s reportedly called Anderson Ofosuhene Anim alias Mario Gee.

I remember when the owners of another notorious leaks website, Ghanaleakdotnet were allegedly arrested somewhere in 2009, and their website was taken down. It didn’t take long for someone to carry the mantle to continue their legacy — and that was the birth of Empressleak.

This guy has been operating since 2010 and it wasn’t even news to me that he was arrested — because it was just a matter of time. Apparently, he was even living in a plush mansion in Osino in the Eastern Region — of course with the money he made from his notorious deeds.

Apart from the fact that what he was doing was illegal, he got complacent and too confident in himself over the years. He was allegedly scamming people and blackmailing others too. He created a telegram channel and even exposed himself more with his attempt to dupe more people through mobile money. He reportedly took between GHC100 or GHC500 through mobile money to take down the contents which he never did.

Even in some countries where pornography is legal, there are laws governing its distribution. Models on the website must be 18 years and above in many jurisdictions. Apart from the fact that most of the contents on his website were obtained illegally, he was promoting child porn too. How’s he even going to prove to the court that persons on his website were above 18 in case they were interested to know? And that he obtained their content legally with their consent — this idiot is f#ckd. This is the end of the guy who’s now been charged with money laundering, pornography and breach of provisions on cybercrime.

Meanwhile, he has been remanded into police custody to reappear before court on 19th August 2020.