The glitz and glamour of being a renowned actor like Kofi Adjorlolo always gives the impression that one’s made of money. But reality hits so hard!

There has been numerous calls for stakeholders to come together in order that Ghana’s movie industry be moved a notch higher. But what’s the sense in robbing Peter to pay Paul? These very stakeholders according to Kofi Adjorlolo are at the very forefront of the seeming collapse of the Ghanaian movie industry.

A visibly angry Kofi Adjorlolo was furious at these producers (7 in total) for owing him monies as low as: 1000, 2000 and 3000 cedis.

Adjorlolo also revealed that a lot of upcoming actors and actresses are not even paid for starring in Ghanaian movies. Adjorlolo also slammed reports which pegged his net worth at about $800,000.

He also cited that these producers do not even show an iota of care when he goes under the weather.

Watch the video below:

Adjorlolo also cited that a lot of veteran actors are owed monies by our movie producers. But what’s the point in this, my dear producers? Are we waiting for these veterans to pass on to Glory before we prove to their dead bodies that we care?

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