PHOTOS: 10 Times Bola Ray Looked Classic In His Outfit

As we await the release of the book on the inspiring life story of celebrated broadcaster Nathan Kwabena Anokye Adisi, a.k.a Bola Ray, decided to give you these unbearably flawless looks of him in his outfits .

Browsing through his gallery on instagram, we observed that Bola Ray is a fan of suits — and this is a very good choice of outfit because wearing a suit does not only make you feel classier, but it also makes you look older. That’s a double-edged sword.

Check out some of his outfits and some moments that inspire family goals.

1.When He looked so suave.

Bola Ray
Bola Ray

2.Yep, yep, yep.

3. A handsome man in perfectly-tailored suit

4. Another 0ne

5. With that special person

6. Church things..

7. Family man…..

8. Simply classic!

9. Another beautiful family moment!

10. Last but not least…………Family time. Bonding.