Photos: Meet the Ghanaian woman making a living from barbering in Accra

Meet Fidelia Adogo, the woman who is making a living in the male dominated industry in Accra.

She is a barber and a good one as well.

Fidelia had dreams of becoming a military officer, but her hopes were shattered because she couldn’t get any formal education.

She didn’t let this stop her from making a living, she migrated from Atsiave Adogokope in the Volta Region, to Accra – to make money.

Fidelia spoke only Ewe when she first moved to Accra, but that was not going to stop her from chasing her dreams

For six years, she sold sachet water (Pure water) and fruits on the streets of Accra, speaking bits of Twi, Ga and English she picked from the streets.

Then she made a bold move by buying a barbershop at Hong Kong taxi rank at Kwashieman.

She says so far things has been great but she still faces some challenges as a female barber — she had no support from her family who saw the job as a men’s work

On a slow day she cuts the hair of at least five to ten people, and on a not so slow day, she cannot count the number of people she serves.

According to Fidelia, most of her customers are people who were passing by and got drawn to her shop because they are captivated by the fact that she is a woman.

Fidelia used to make GHC 1000 a month when times were good, but she doesn’t make that kind of money anymore.

Fidelia wants to serve as an inspiration to young girls and women, and prove to them that, anything is possible if you put your mind to it, and there is nothing like a man’s job or field.

Elias, Fidelia’s loyal customer of six years after a clean cut
Elias, Fidelia’s loyal customer of six years after a clean cut