The Angel’s new ride

Ever heard of Angels who drive flashy cars around? The founder of International God’s Way Church, Angel Obinim is definitely spearheading a new breed of Angels who drive flashy cars. According to, Angel Obinim has purchased a Rolls Royce Ghost II.

According to checks, a brand new Rolls Royce Ghost II costs between $305 000 – $339 775 which is within the range of 1, 447, 068 – 1, 607, 840 cedis. It is unclear whether the self-styled Angel purchased the car in its “tear-rubber” state.

The Rolls Royce Ghost II

Bishop Angel Obinim adds the Rolls Royce Ghost II to his garage which allegedly includes 8 Range Rovers, 5 Infinity SUV’S,3 Chryslers amongst other sophisticated “road gadgets”.