One of Ghana’s finest standup comedians, David Oscar, fell off the comedy industry and chose music – but now, it appears farming is his new found trade too.

Discovered through the ‘Stars of the Future’ reality show, David wowed audience home and abroad with his witty comic acts. As an art advocate, he started waging a campaign against some quarters of the art industry who don’t pay GH comedians well or at all; or bring in foreign comedians and pay them higher fees.

David Oscar

With less support from his colleague comedians, David ended up being a one man thousand fighter – he lost to stronger forces that be. In the end, he honourably bowed out of the comedy trade. Responding to why he changed career from comedy to music, Oscar said he found music to be a broader way of channeling out content.

“Comedy is limited in terms of its penetrable ability. Like when you are listening to a piece of joke, you have to analyze it and determine whether you want that joke to make you laugh or not. Music isn’t like that. Music doesn’t need permission to penetrate somebody. Plus, it’s the biggest paying trade in show business,” he once said.

Former Comedian turns Musician

David is believed to be living in Koforidua (Eastern region of Ghana) – and as a place where vegetation abound, he is making good out of a bad bargain. He has embraced farming. Sharing his new found love, David posits on his Facebook wall:

Hello friends.
I’m on to some work in my backyard garden. I hardly buy pepper, “kontomire”, tomatoes, “Abedru” and other veges from outside cos I cultivate them myself.

He gave many hashtags to his post: #OrganicallyNatural , #BackYardFarming, #WayToGo, #BeTheChangeYouWantToSee ——Don’t forget …. #NewMusic, #LegalTender with Lyricl Nkechi, #OutTomorrow, #JANUARY20th , #Bless:

David is seen disturbing some weeds in the bush:

Life is an adventure – so whatever you lay your hands on, do it to your dead level best – David seems to be telling all and sundry. We wish him well.


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