Yesterday, news went viral that Afro-pop artiste Fuse ODG had thrown his friend and producer Killbeatz from his million dollar house.

The reports also suggested that Fuse ODG returned from his London-based to find in one of his rooms a “pot of blood” which he alleged to belong to Killbeatz and that was one of the reasons why he sacked him from his house.

However, Jeffrey Addo, a member of Killbeatz management team has come out to explain that the blood found in Fuse’s house was not for any spiritual purpose.

Fuse ODG and Efya in his Multi Million Dollar Mansion
Fuse ODG and Efya in his Multi Million Dollar Mansion

Speaking on Zylofon FM’s Showbiz Agenda, Tuesday and as monitored by EonlineGhana.Com, Jefferey admitted that Killbeatz was no longer staying in Fuse ODG’s house but explained that the award winning producer was not sacked as reported — he rather left the house on his own due to the misunderstanding between them.

“Killbeatz hasn’t been sacked from Fuse ODG’s house. It’s a just a little misunderstanding that they had so Killbeatz decided to leave the house. Fuse can’t sack Killbeatz. No! Killbeatz made Fuse, as well as other artists and everybody knows that. So Fuse has no right to say he has sacked Killbeatz from his house.”

Clarifying the blood found in the house, he explained that it had no spiritual backing because it was just a ram they slaughtered for a barbecue party. The blood found was not in a pot of blood as reported but rather in a hole they dug in the house.

“Before I even got to the house that day that Killbeatz had his birthday party, I had been informed that we were going to kill a ram for a barbecue. So what happened was that a Muslim friend was invited over to do the slaughtering of the ram for the barbecue. And you know Muslims in their tradition before you slaughter an animal or whatever you have to say a prayer before you take the animal’s live. According to what the Muslim friend said, I heard that he prayed and dug a hole for them to pour the blood in. So it was just a normal slaughtering of a ram or a sheep for a barbecue. It’s not like they went to a jujuman to do anything….we’re disappointed as to why this issue is growing.” he said

Fuse ODG in 2015 bought himself a mansion in Accra at a tune of one million dollars on his 27th birthday and housed Killbeatz there.

Killbeatz worked for Fuse ODG from the days of ‘Azonto’ till now.

Listen to the full interview below