Praye Honeho, now Choirmaster and Praye Tenten, for unknown reasons, failed to attend the nuptials of Praye Tietia, now, Big J Cartel and his longtime girlfriend, Selly Ghalley.

The white wedding is scheduled to be held at the plush Trassaco Estates, tomorrow, Saturday September 26, 2015.
The group, which was formed several years ago during a music reality show contest, Nescafe African Revelation, a show the trio went on to win – had challenges and broke off 3 years ago, after Praye Tenten was kicked out of the group.

After two years together as the surviving members of Prayer, Big J and Choirmaster also went their separate ways.
The two have released solo projects since then, and are yet to be spotted together in any event or appear on any project together.

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SOURCE: RazzOnline.Com