Did you know nearly a billion people die a year from unsafe drinking water? Yes, the very reason why you should passionately care about the kind of water that enters your system for the usual routine. I recommend VERNA NATURAL MINERAL WATER by Twellium Industrial Ltd and I have a proof below!
1. Verna Natural Mineral Water is sources from protected undergrounds and exceptionally treated with patented ITALIAN HIGH-TECH PURIFICATION SYSTEMS. Indeed the process right from extraction to packaging to distribution is outstanding. It aims and meets the highest international quality standards giving every drop of Verna water its natural taste,mineral composition and appeal. With strict adherence to quality control and safety method ,Versa Natural Mineral Water is regulated under standards set by both the Food and Drugs Authority(FAD) and Ghana Standards Authority (GSA).
2.Verna Water is Purified using series of filtration – Verna water is purifies using iron exchangers filters of different sizes and activated carbon, reverse osmosis, UV sterilization and Ozonation to meet high standard of quality and safety.
3.Verna Changing Lives – The Verna Changing Lives under the Twellium foundation has helped transformed the lives of many under privileged disabled persons on the street. A bottle of Verna water you buy will help transform a soul.
The foundation is with the mission to mobilize the necessary human and financial resource to inspire, empower and support disadvantaged communities.
4. Social Media and Other Activities – Verna water has such an amazing social media influence with persistent presence and posting of contents that educate, informs and engage its audience. With over 51,000 page likes on Facebook and over 16,000 followers on twitter they can surely tell their story digitally. The water company has also showed immense support to television & radio shows, local events, projects and other positive initiatives.
5.Very Affordable – Despite the quality of production and packaging, Verna water is served very affordably as compared to other drinking water in the market. Drink Verna! Request Verna ! Insist on Verna!
By Barimah Amoaning Samuel