Reggie Zippy And Bollie win the heart of Simon Cowell

Reggie N Bollie, contestants on music reality show, X Factor UK have won the heart of ‘mean judge’ Simon Cowell.

In a tweet, Cowell wrote I LOVE Reggie and Bollie

They mashed up What makes you Beautiful with Cheerleader. Sounds crazy but it was fantastic.

That comes as quite a surprise because Simon is hard to please. He is notorious for his mean comments to contestants of reality shows (including America and Britain’s Got Talent) judges.

There has been mixed reaction from the audience of the show as to whether the duo is talented or not.

Initially known as Menn on Point when they auditioned for the show, they changed their name to Reggie N Bollie. They are made up of Reggie Zippy, who is famous for the song ‘Virgin’ and Bollie of ‘you may kiss the bride’ fame, a song off a compilation project by veteran music producer Hammer.

They qualified to the final 12 of the competition some two weeks ago and stand the chance of winning a recording contract and cash prize.

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