Retirement Plan 1.0: Cristiano Ronaldo Reveals Desire To Act In A Movie

For the past decade, Cristiano Ronaldo alongside his rival (name withheld) have simply owned the game of football.

However, none can cheat nature and to that effect, Cristiano Ronaldo (who’s the older of the two) has revealed his retirement plan – or a part of it.

Hate him or love him – that notwithstanding, Cristiano Ronaldo’s winning mentality, determination and hard work are assets which can’t be taken away from him. He is a man of many abilities and though he has suffered a dip in form, it’s expected that the talismanic Cristiano Ronaldo regains his form sooner rather than later – especially because his favorite competition, The UEFA Champions League has reached the knockout stages. Away from football……….

Cristiano has revealed that when he retires, he’ll like to take up the challenge of acting in a movie……..

The die is cast! What can’t Ronaldo do?