Gone are the days when Ghanaian actors and musicians struggled to make a living.

Today, the movie and music industries have become so lucrative that even the least talented entertainer can become very rich.

The rapid development of Ghana’s economy has also created an environment that rewards entertainers through lucrative endorsement deals.

Some of these celebrated Ghanaians have so much money that they have even set up their own businesses to secure their future.

For instance, actors Kwadwo Nkansah (Lil Win) and Kwaku Manu have set up educational complexes in Kumasi that can set them up for life.

Yvonne Okoro has set up a marketing company. John Dumelo is a commercial farmer. Tracey Boakye and Becca have set up beauty parlours. Several other celebrities have set up expensive business investments that they do in addition to their main jobs.

In spite of all these investments, Ghanaian celebs still have a lot of money to spend, and they are blowing it on expensive, powerful cars.

A report sighted by Ghanaweb, threw light on the powerful cars Ghanaian celebrities drive.

The report shows that at least three Ghanaian celebrities drive the $200,000 Mercedez Benz G-Wagon. Several others drive powerful cars like Maserati, Range Rover, Toyota Land Cruiser V8, Mercedes Benz AMG, Toyota Tundra, Mercedez Benz S-550, among other “killer” cars.


Source: www.ghanaweb.com