Review: Tales of Nazir, The Movie

There is this guy called Nazir. Who is this Nazir?

Tales of Nazir was first premiered on Saturday, 2nd January at the Silverbird Cinemas, Accra and West Hills Mall. The number of people attending during the first show was not encouraging, but the number increased during the second show and the following day.


It was created by Louis Appiah and it starred John Dumelo, Stonebwoy, Wanluv Da Kubolor, D-Black, Efua Otabil and Louis Appiah as Nazir.

I give the movie 6.5 out of 10 and I rate the movie to be PG 13.

The movie begins with about three series of Tales of Nazir, which you have probably watched on his YouTube channel.

The movie was hilarious, fun and witty. The movie reflects on current issues and issues that had happened already, like the Sodom and Gomorrah demolition of structures. It also consisted of tales or stories of Nazir’s life experiences. For instance;

Nazir and John Dumelo’s parachute saga.

Nazir and Wanluv’s press conference story.

The art of the cartoon is neat, and well-drawn. You will fall in love with Nazir, when you hear him sing in a battle.

Yes, you heard me. He’s got swag, and even Efua began to fall for him.

Trust me, she did. I did

The name is Nazir Marietta and I’m out. Peace.

How old is Nazir, anyway?