An Evening with Bola Ray! How Bola Ray Motivated 30 Young Leaders

 Frimpong Prince -- editor and owner of EonlineGhana.Com
Frimpong Prince — editor and owner of EonlineGhana.Com


OK so where do I start from?

An evening with Bola Ray — what is this all about?

Simply put, The EIB Boss and one of the most successful men in the country wants to impact his knowledge, his experiences and story through a mentoring session for 30 young leaders.

This was the first of its kind and the Accra Edition took place at Urbano Hotel inside Osu with 30 selected young leaders. Yours truly, Frimpong Prince — editor and owner of EonlineGhana.Com was selected and amazingly I was the only blogger present. The 29 other people were represented by people with incredible business ideas and careers. We had a Real Estate developer, people from publishing, catering and home making, television and media and several others. Let me also note that this was not the last edition since he plans on organizing more sessions and touring some Senior High Schools around the country to mentor young leaders — so watch out!

The evening was a blissful one indeed — very informative, entertaining and full of inspiration.

The programme also gave us the opportunity to network with other businesses and startups that were present. We also got the opportunity to listen to stories from other corporate mentors that were present on the night.

It was scheduled to start at 6pm and end at 8pm but due to some circumstances, we were seated around 6:15pm and the program started a bit late into 6pm and closed around 9:20pm.

Even though Bola Ray hosted us, the night was all about the 30 mentees that were selected. We were giving the opportunity to socialize and also share our own stories with the EIB boss.

Now to the juicy part of the evening………

After we heard stories from the corporate mentors that were invited, it was now time to hear the story of Ghana’s biggest entertainment magnate himself, Bola Ray.

He took his time to take us through various slideshows whiles sharing his story and other life hacks.

His presentation took us through a series of useful life hacks and stories — but one thing he stressed on was that we should always learn to be humble. He recounted the days when he was young he used to visit the house of KKD just to polish his shoes. He reiterated that even at this stage in his life where he is successful, he is still humble and doesn’t look down on anyone.

He also talked about how we should try and “happy” ourselves. Sometimes you should try and save some money and just go out and chill. Try and have fun to release yourself from stress. He said a lot of people are very rich but are not happy in life because they’re buried deep in the work they do. Take a break and enjoy life!

Again, he stressed on motivating yourself as an individual. He recalled when he used to live with his wife at a rented apartment at Weija. He got frustrated by the Landlord so much that he told himself he will build his own house before the age of 30. He said he will sometimes drive through the streets of Trassaco with his wife just to motivate himself that he will one day buy a house at that area — even though he knew he couldn’t afford it. This made him save towards achieving that goal by MCing at several events and parties.

Today, he has his own house at East Legon which he bought before the age of 29. He said after even securing his own house located at East Legon, he still drives through Airport View because he wants to own a house there too. Motivating yourself will not necessarily help you achieve your dreams but it will surely drive you towards it.

Also, he talked about filling your life with people who are amazing. Rid yourself of people who bring you negative energy. He again told a story of how he fill his life with one friend who always bring around positive energy. He said even though the friend is not really rich, he always hang around with him because life is not always about money. “There are people who live on bringing you only negative stories, try and stay away from such people” – he advised.

There’s a lot that he said that I can’t obviously type here but most of the key points he hammered on are in the pictures below.

I promise to get you the full presentation once they’re made available. Know that in life everything is possible!