Itz Tiffany’s New Video Triggers Split From Fuse’s Off Da Ground Record Label

Not long ago, Ghanaian rapper Itz Tiffany made a surprise comeback into the music scene with her latest single “forgive” after she went mum for months ever since her private videos went viral.

The song with its accompanying visuals talks about her infamous sekztape which took the industry by storm. Probably the most humiliated artist in the history of music in Ghana, Itz Tiffany ironically isn’t asking for the forgiveness of her fans or Ghanaians in general, but rather on a witch hunt for whoever criticized her during her time of distress. “Forgive them, for them know not what them did to me” Itz Tiffany says in the 3minutes, 11 seconds Rihanna-inspired video.
The singer who chose to go bra-less to embrace reality of her once publicly displayed “assets” is also heard saying ” I’ll rather walk away from all the fake friends, and all the hating, left it all I say….”
From what ThePrinceLive.Com gathers, Fuse ODG has been quite distant from Itz Tiffany ever since her videos surfaced, and probably this is to protect his own image.
In an interview some time ago when Itz Tiffany got signed onto Off Da Grounds Records, she revealed that Fuse was more than a brother to her. In her own words she said “Fuse and I are one big family, we’re brothers and
sisters – we’re not from the same mothers but then he has my best
interest at heart and I have his as well, I know his people and he knows
mine and we just keep working like that……”
ThePrinceLive.Com however gathers that Itz Tiffany who got abandoned by the label and her best friend in times of need decided to come to terms with reality and walked away with her head held high. Our research also reveals that Itz Tiffany who used to brand herself with the ODG label tag on her social media pages has since deleted them all. The singer is heard re-echoing several times that she will rather walk away from all the fake friends and she also made it point blank that she had nothing to say to all the haters. So she is referring to two groups of people here, her friends and her haters…and we all know who her friends or specifically her once best-friend was. She is running solo again. We’re happy she made it through all the thick and thin.

Watch the video below and listen to her lyrics carefully!

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