VGMA Should Retire Sarkodie From Certain Nominations/Categories – Blogger

As the only Ghanaian musician with most nominations, Sarkodie currently leads Vodafone Ghana Music Awards with a total of 49 nominations (cited from wikipedia).

This makes him the most nominated artiste in the history of the VGMA’s with his close competitor, R2bees, barely catching up with 23 nominations.

Don’t get me wrong here, I am not saying he doesn’t deserve to be nominated — he truly works hard to claim the enviable spot each year.

My point is he should be retired from certain categories to pave way for equally deserving talents.

An example of this category is the rapper of the year where he’s nominated almost every year.

This year, he was nominated based on his song “Can’t Let You Go” which features King Promise. This song is a good song but I doubt the rap is enough to qualify him in that category. I think VGMA should reconsider the category definition for rapper of the year and I strongly believe Strongman should have been in that category ahead of his label boss.

Again, in economics as supply exceeds demand, the value/price of the item drops.

A good example is how Jay Z jokingly told the world that his daughter Blue Ivy has another toy to play with after he won his 20th Grammy in 2015.

Soon, the category will be non-competitive and Sarkodie will have more VGMA plagues for Titi to play with lol.

Sarkodie has already made his mark at the VGMA’s and he’s looking forward to grabbing more international awards and nominations — possibly a Grammy as he consistently reminds us.

VGMA should give him a break, there are so many rappers whose works could have been recognized this year yet they were snubbed.